Thank you for seven + years of inspired mind body wellness!  As of May 17, 2021 our studio + spa are permanently closed.  We love you Denver!

Our Philosophy

At The Freyja Project, we strive to bring optimal mind-body fitness to the Highland Denver community. Our yoga and dance fitness classes and spa services are thoughtfully designed to help our clients live more vibrant and healthy lives.

Yoga and Dance Fitness

Enjoy classes that will delight and challenge, whether you need encouragement to work to your max or to back off and unwind.  Yoga and dance classes include flow-based, sculpt and restorative yoga as well as ballet conditioning, Pilates mat and Zumba.  We offer classes for practitioners at all levels, from beginners to advanced, and cater to all body types, whether that is an athlete or weekend warrior, pre- or post-natal, or those working with injuries.

Therapeutic Spa Treatments

Escape into an urban oasis with spa services that will renew and heal you from the inside out.  Choose from an array of spa treatments including acupuncture, bodywork and energy work or from a luxurious selection of top-of-the-line facials and waxing services.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from the Norse goddess Freyja ("FRAY-yah"), whom legend depicts as a warrior goddess of love, beauty and attraction. This patron goddess of crops and childbirth was known to have great strength – it was said that she rode into battle to collect the souls of valiant heroes. The Freyja Project embraces her as a source of inspiration to those seeking to reach a higher level of physical and emotional wellbeing. 

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