Thank you for seven + years of inspired mind body wellness!  As of May 17, 2021 our studio + spa are permanently closed.  We love you Denver!

Our Community

The Freyja Project strives to be an open and inclusive studio.  It is our pleasure to welcome students of all ability and background to our yoga and fitness classes and to enjoy our therapeutic spa services.

Who We Are

  • We are a diverse group of experienced and motivated professionals working toward one common goal:  to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of our clients.  

  • We are among Colorado’s best, trained in various disciplines of yoga and dance fitness and committed to bringing innovation and fun to our studio classes.  

  • We are seasoned professionals in acupuncture, massage therapy, energetic alignment and esthetician services who provide individual therapeutic treatments to clients in a beautiful spa setting.  

  • We are women and men just like you:  single, partnered, parents, siblings, grandparents, students, professionals, entrepreneurs . . . juggling life’s priorities as we stay inspired by keeping our focus on achieving optimal mind-body fitness.

Who We Serve

  • Beginners – We pride ourselves in making beginners feel right at home.  Read our top 10 tips for yoga newbies.

  • Professionals – Our class schedule and treatment hours enable the work-stressed to incorporate fitness into your morning or evening.  Or, take a late afternoon class, shower in our beautiful facilities and be ready for an evening out at one of LoHi’s many restaurants.

  • Families – We love families!  Check out our schedule for classes that have your family in mind:

    • Goddess Flow (Prenatal) – for expectant mothers

    • Goddess Flow (Postnatal), Goddess Flow (Parent & Baby) – for new parents and caregivers

    • Toddler Movement – for kids ages 2-4

    • Yoga for Little Warriors – for kids ages 5-10

    • Movement for Little Dancers – for kids ages 5-10

    • Tween Yoga – for kids ages 11-14

  • Adult classes are always offered concurrent with our kids classes so the entire family can have a piece of Freyja inspiration

  • Additional couples, prenatal and postnatal classes are featured throughout the year – check our schedule for upcoming offerings!

  • Advanced – Get your asana or dance moves on with classes designed to take your practice to new levels.

Whether you are new to the mind-body experience or an accomplished yogi or dancer, whether you have never considered an acupuncture or bodywork session or are a self-confessed spa junkie, we are here to welcome you and help facilitate you on your path to a more vibrant and healthy life.  Drop-in for a class today.

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