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Denver Yoga Workshops

At The Freyja Project, we are inspired to bring the Denver community the best in mind-body fitness through innovative yoga, dance and wellness workshops.

Keeping Your Center: A Grounding Restorative Workshop with Amanda Guerrero

Saturday, December 10th 2:30-4pm

For many of us, the holidays can be a time of stress, chaos, over-stimulation, and falling into old patterns. In this workshop, we will restore, relax, and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul -- bringing our energy back to center.

Join Amanda Guerrero as she leads a powerful restorative yoga practice with an emphasis on breath awareness, grounding meditations, and music to ground during the holiday season.

Restorative yoga uses blankets, bolsters and blocks to support the body in restful postures.

About Amanda

Yoga has brought peace and ease to Amanda through the most difficult times in her life. She began practicing and teaching restorative yoga in 2010 and has found the benefits to be immeasurable. Amanda guides students through a meditative and restorative journey focusing on the relationship with the self and drawing forth what is already within. As a lover of love and lover of life, Amanda shares the gift of love with her students to carry with them every step of their journey.

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Baby Wearing Barre

Sunday, December 11th 2-3pmBaby Wearing Barre Freyja Project Denver Colorado - Freyja Mamas

Do not miss this speciality pop-up class! Baby Wearing Barre is the result of one Freyja Mama’s vision. It’s the same barre class you already love, but with some extra cute, smiling weight attached. Don’t worry about finding a sitter. Simply bring your little one along and get the workout your mind & body deserve!

Amy believes that if you can take care of you, motherhood is much more rewarding. Come experience Baby Wearing Barre and take care of yourself!

All levels of practitioners & all ages for your baby are welcome in front or back facing carriers. (Soft structured carriers are recommended.)

About Amy

Amy Busser has been in the fitness field for over 15 years. She fell in love with how accessible Freyja Barre is to people of all fitness backgrounds. As the mother of an 8 month old baby boy, she cannot wait to share her vision and this great workout with other moms.

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Silent Meditation for Peace & Unity

Sunday, December 18th 1-4pm

Here at The Freyja Project, we believe the world can always benefit from more peace and unity. That is why we are opening our doors to all who would like to partake in sitting and breathing together with the intention of welcoming in as well as sending out the vibration of peace, unity and love.

Anytime between 1-4pm and for any length of time, all are welcome to join this open meditation. Let us come together and be in community.

Come exactly as you are. All are welcome.

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The Chakra Transformation with Elissa Turner and Caren Baginski

Saturday, January 7th 2-5pmThe Chakra Transformation at The Freyja Project in Denver, Colorado

Ever wish you had a personal guide assisting you through life's ups and downs, helping you focus your energy? Your inner guidance rests in the Chakra System, and it's got a lot to tell you when you discover how to listen.

In this hands-on workshop led by Energy Healer Elissa Turner and Certified Yoga Instructor Caren Baginski, you'll detect and chart your unique chakra energy flow using a pendulum. Right away, you'll gain insight into the energetic blocks holding you back from peace and ease. Then, you'll learn how to heal and balance each of the seven chakras through the use of aromatherapy, specific yoga postures and breathwork.

Join us to journey through the Chakra System, experience it firsthand in your body, and empower yourself with self-healing and self-knowledge for years to come. Dress comfortably for a gentle yoga practice and we'll provide the rest, including chakra-loving healthy food and beverages. Your investment also includes handouts as well as two downloadable chakra meditations to use after the workshop.

About Your Guides

Elissa Turner refers to her work as Vibrational Healing, which is a transformative healing process that focuses on the release of internal discordance held within one's energetic anatomy. Elissa's energetic intuitive healing abilities were ratified by Medical Intuitive Kim Lansdowne-Walker of Pure Balance Australia during a course of study from 2004-2009. In 2010, Elissa's gift and skill was recognized by an Anangu Ngankari, a Central Australian Aboriginal healer. This recognition sealed Elissa's confidence to offer her work publicly. Elissa completed a Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma in 2014 and is currently studying with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Caren Baginski is a writer and certified yoga instructor who teaches results-oriented mindfulness practices focused on overcoming self-doubt, anxiety and depression. Since 2009, she has taught in-person and online, combining dharma, alignment, breathwork and meditation to help her clients achieve greater peace of mind. Visit to learn more.

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